GraphQL EZ

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GraphQL EZ Plugins#

GraphQL EZ supports development and web-server level plugins through its platform. You can check all the public available plugins in the Plugin Hub.

All these plugins can be specified in your configuration in the ez.plugins property:

By convention, all the EZ Plugins start with ez followed by the capitalized name.

CreateApp({ //... ez: { plugins: [ ezPlugin(), // ... ], }, });

Check How EZ Plugins work? for information about how they work and how you can create your plugins and contribute on the ecosystem.

Envelop Plugins#

GraphQL EZ is based on Envelop, and therefore, all its functionality is available here.

To specify your Envelop Plugins, use the property envelop.plugins in your configuration.

CreateApp({ //... envelop: { plugins: [ usePlugin(), // ... ], }, });

Check Envelop Plugin Hub for more information.